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Owner Meetings and Decisions

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What kind of notice is required for an owner meeting?
Both regular and special owner meetings require a written notice at least twenty (20) but not more than ninety (90) days before the meeting. The notice may be given in several different way: (i) by email to an owner who has consented to receive notice in that manner; (ii) by first-class mail, registered or certified mail, express mail, or overnight delivery by an express service carrier; (iii) by posting the notice in a prominent location that is accessible to all owners and has been has been designated for the posting of notices in the association’s annual policy statement (see discussion above). When notice is given by posting, it must also be sent by one of the other permissible methods to any owner who has requested that he/she receive notices by mail or email. Note that notice is not required when the meeting is actually the continuation of another meeting that was adjourned within the previous 45 days as long as the time and place of the continuation meeting had been announced at the original meeting.

An owner meeting notice must include the place, time and date of the meeting, and the means of electronic transmission or electronic video screen communication, if any, by which owners may participate. For regularly scheduled owner meetings (such as the annual meeting), the notice must include a general description of the matters that the board expects to be discussed, and, in cases where directors are to be elected, the names of those who have been nominated (if any) prior to the notice date; however, matters not on the agenda may be discussed. For special owner meetings, the notice must include the general nature of the business to be transacted, and no business not described on the agenda may be transacted.

When a group of owners, acting independently from the board, wishes to convene a special meeting, they must send a written request to the board chairman (if any), president, vice president, or secretary, and that person is required to notify all of the owners of the meeting within 35-90 days of the request. The date of the special meeting is set by the board.

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